Brand: AOVO

- best electric scooter in the business. Neat, tidy, fast and durable

Comes with one year warranty


Similar to Xiaomi but better.

What’s better:

- Waterproof, quicker charge time, faster speed, further distance 


App control:

Connect the scooter to the app “AovoPro” to have functionality to these range of options - available to all iOS and android devices 


Driving mode:

Slow - 12.5km/h max speed

Eco - 18km/h max speed

Sport - 31Km/h max speed



Available cruise mode to turn on and off using the app. If you keep same speed for more than 5 seconds the scooter goes into cruise mode where the scooter will automatically keep you at that speed

- Switch between kmh and mph

- Choose a speed limitation value of 50km/h maximum to 15km/h minimum

- Availability to change the braking and accelerating response speed

- Turn headlight on and keep track of speed of scooter

Switching between boot modes:

Taxi start - the scooter needs a small push before being able to start the acceleration

Zero start - start accelerating without having to be moving beforehand



You can update the scooters when a new update comes out on the firmware 


Motor Power: 350W


Speed: 31Km/h - you can change max speed in the app

Max Load: 120kg

Maximum running slope: 20 degrees

Battery parameters: 10.4AH

Light: LED

Charging time: 4 hours

Brake: Disc brake

Max Distance: 35km


Warning: It is illegal to ride electric scooters on public roads, pavements, or cycle paths. They are intended only for use on private land with the owner’s permission.

Aovo Pro Electric Scooter waterproof App-control

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